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Explore the ​differe​nt branches    

Young Living Essential Oils * Living a Life of Balance  * Chem​ical/Toxin Free Living * Finding Balance in an unbalanced world 

OOLA Online Classes 

10 Week Course  

1​0 weeks online classes plus a coaching call with Shauna each week 

Course curriculum

  • 1 Session #1 • Welcome! Let's Focus on Getting to Your OolaLife
  • Introduction to Oola Coaching & OolaFitness
  • 2 Session #2 • OolaFinance: Let's Focus on Your Money, Your Debt & Your Budget
  • 3 Session #3 • OolaFamily: Let's Focus on Your Relationships, Quality Time & Boundaries
  • 4 Session #4 • OolaField: Let's Focus on Your Career, Professional Life & Job Satisfaction
  • 5 Session #5 • OolaFaith: Let's Focus on on Your Faith Walk & Daily Actions
  • 6 Session #6 • OolaFriends: Let's Focus on Your Friendships, Quality Time & Boundaries
  • 7 Session #7 • OolaFun: Let's Unplug, Decompress & Check Things Off Your Bucket List
  • 8 Session #8 • OolaWheel: Let's Create the Foundation of a Balanced & Growing Life
  • 9 Session #9 • OolaPlan: Let's Set Goals That Are Milestones to Your Dreams
  • 10 Session #10 • OolaPath: Let's Take Everyday Steps That Will Get You to Your OolaLife

Start your 10 week Course 

3 Week Course  

3 week quick start plus a coaching call with Shauna each week 

Course curriculum

  • 1 Session #1 • Welcome to the Oola Quick-Start Coaching Program
  • Welcome & The OolaWheel: How Do You Roll?
  • 2 Session #2 • OolaPath: Let's Set Goals That Are the Milestones to Your Dreams
  • 3 Session #3 • OolaPath: Everyday Steps that Will Get Your To Your OolaLife

Start your 3 week quick start

Become a Certified OOLA Coach 

Become a Certified OOLA life Coach and help other reach their full potential  

Become a certified Oola Life Coach and start changing the world with one word: #Oola.

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